Oakley's Paradise

Oakley is one of the best sports performance brand in the world, of course some of their customers wear Oakley for the sake of it. Working at Sunglass Hut, I'm pretty familiar with the brand as far as quality and function for their eyewear. Known for their "unobtanium" grips on their eyewear, not only they're fashionable, but they are also functional. The cool thing about Oakley is that they branch out from sports performance to lifestyle. I had a chance to go to the Oakley's training at the Hickory Annex in Dallas, TX. I got to peak the first look of their collection for Summer 2015 that were not even on the market yet. Very cool and sporty merchandise from their latest collection brought me in to learn more and curious about what else the brand brings to the table. It's cool enough that Oakley partners with Sunglass Hut to come up with the "Canteen", but they came up with Prizm Lens that are unique and functional for different activities and occasions. Prizm Lens allows people to see the HD version of what it actually looks like in real life. It enhances the object you see through the lens which is pretty cool to me. Not only they came up with great lens' innovation, Prizm lens comes in many different sports activities. From Prizm Road that you can wear on a daily basis to Prizm Golf and Prizm Baseball. I wish I could have captured the differences between the regular gray and Prizm lens, but be sure to check out oakley.com or sunglasshut.com to learn more about the new Oakley's Prizm Lens.

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