SJP: Shoes, Jewelry, Party!

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a fashion icon since her appearance on TV show Sex And The City back in 1998, her style and wardrobe looks chic, fun, and refreshing on the show. After she spent a year working on a collection for her footwear line called SJP with Manolo Blahnik's chief executive, she launched the collection at Nordstrom and made a huge appearance in Dallas, TX. Her classic and timeless designs with high end silhouettes look very chic and expensive on women's feet. From flats and pumps, to strap sandals and booties. Her line shows a whole different range for women at every age which is a very smart move in opening a fashion business. Although, people who are not familiar with SJP brand, should expect similar attitude and designs wise with Manolo Blahnik's. I would say they are the "cheaper" version of Manolo's, but still expensive looking with original tweak. Every shoes have a thin and unique jewels in the back of the shoes which is what makes them very unique. I went to Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance back on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at Nordstom, Northpark Center, Dallas, TX. And as I expected, Nordstrom's women's footwear department was the only section that was full of people waiting for SJP.

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