Designer That Doesn't FIT In

Hi readers! It's been awhile, I have been busy with fashion portfolio, school, and other stuffs that I need to take care of. And yes I mentioned it, Fashion Portfolio for Fashion Institute of Technology, I've been planning to go to FIT since I was a sophomore in high school. Since it's my senior year, it got so serious and I think I'm obsessed! FIT requires flat fashion sketches, sewing test, and mix-and-match design. When it comes to fashion illustration, I think I'm a pro, but in sewing, it takes a couple days for me to make one simple dress. Unfortunately, I decided not to go to FIT because of my financial problems and I miscalculated everything. Anyway, here's some of the hardwork I did for Fashion Institute of Technology, check it out!

Medium: Black Sharpie Pen 0.5, Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor colored pencils

Cheetah Print Silk, pleated and draped bodice by Me (Elbert Tanjaya)

Metalic Pink Brocade Peplum Dress by Me (Elbert Tanjaya)

Gray Wool Peplum Blazer with Silk Lining by Me (Elbert Tanjaya)

Not only I make garments, I would say leather is my best friend. I love making accessories and leather goods, but this Black Faux Leather Clutch is not a part of the FIT's portfolio.


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  1. Don't feel bad.. If you can take some sewing classes I think you will be fine. You are very talented!!!