Tyra & Testosterone

By Elbert Tanjaya

Reality TV Show America’s Next Top Model has reached their 20th anniversary. This season of the show that was created by American Supermodel Tyra Banks has an interesting twist which is bringing the boys to the competition. It is such a good idea to have guys in the show since menswear designers and male models starting to grow more each year in the industry, even though females seem to rule the fashion industry from time to time. “Smize it up!”, a new vocabulary that was created by the one and only Tyra Banks seem to be popular around the social media Instagram and Twitter. Tyra Banks who made the Smize competition on Instagram picked up some of the best smize photos to compete on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Girls and Guys edition. The show was launched back in August 2, 2013 with total of 16 models to start with, both males and females. Tyra Banks is back with the other judges from last season of America’s Next Top Model, Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone, and Bryanboy. For the second time on the show after Isis King, Tyra picked a transgender woman from her Instagram competition. Meet Virgg, 19 years old fashion model who announced that she was born male and she’s in hormone replacement theraphy in transition from male to female. After only two episodes of the show, she decided to take care of her health first and left the competition. America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 is so intense. I love the ideas of having male models to compete on the show. 25 years old male model from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Don Benjamin is my favorite so far! Check out America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Girls and Guys edition on CW TV.

Don Benjamin, 25, Minneapolis, MN, ANTM Cycle 20

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