From Street Fashion to Retail Queen

By Elbert Tanjaya

“I was like I want some pants! In the cut of a jean, but pants. And that was how we started.” As the International Relation and French major student from the University of Pennsylvania who has a vision in fashion said. Stacey Bendet does not have a traditional design background, although her grandfather and great grandfather worked in fabric industry and who was a lace manufacturer. A creator trait that she has since she was a little girl was there, but had not developed yet. When she was enrolled in University of Pennsylvania, she realized that she wanted to do something in fashion. In her senior year of college, she had to afford herself, so she started building flash websites for friends at first, later she became a programmer for a clothing company. From there, she wanted to make a pair of pants knowing that she has a basic of sewing skills. A pants that became the signature of her own clothing line. Stacey launched her line called Alice + Olivia in 2002. She only made pants within a year and a half after the brand was established. “I did my first show at the Russian Tea Room with topless models carrying flowers and just wearing pants.” Said the head designer of Alice + Olivia. The very first retail store that bought her pants was Barney’s New York. Within four years after the brand was established, she started opening her own store. A small store in East Hampton was the very first store and soon expanded all over America.

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